Kebab & Horoscope

At the first glance, Kebab & Horoscope is a movie full of absurd. It's a story about a group of employees of a carpet store, who, one day, get confronted with two crooks, with graceful nicknames Kebab and Horoscope. They enter the store and claim to be marketing specialists and begin a training in order to save the store from bankruptcy. The store staff, that consists of characters incredibly colorful in their blandness, apart from doing a rather useless tasks in the store have to deal with their private lives.

Kebab & Horoscope is a film about those, who are usually described as losers, underdogs, life-failures. What makes this story exceptional is the sense of humor and empathy with which the characters are shown. Film is directed by Grzegorz Jaroszuk, who won Short Film Competition during Locarno IFF 2012 for his film Frozen Stories.

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