The Red Spider

Karol is an ordinary young man, living in the 1960s Cracow. Poland is under communist regime, times are dark and murky, while the city is empty and morose.After winning a diving tournament, Karol and his teammates go to a local funfair to celebrate his success. Karol leaves them and goes to take a piss behind one of the caravans.On his way back he discovers a body of murdered boy, presumably the new victim of Red Spider, a terrifyin serial killer, prowling the streets of Cracow. On his way back to the fair, Karol passes an ordinarily-looking man in his 40s, wearing a dark coat and beret, holding a leather briefcase in his hand. Karol is strangely drawn to the man, who turns out to be a Vet. He follows him and tries to get closer to the silent, mysterious man, whom he believes to be the infamous Red Spider. In the meantime Karol is approached by Danka - a slightly older photographer at the local newspaper. Tempted by love, fascinated by death, Karol will soon have to make the most important choice of his life. 

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